Japanese Cuisine with Latin Flavour

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Welcome to the Obba Sushi Experience

OBBA Sushi & More, a rapidly growing Sushi restaurant offering a variety of over 30 original sauces and more than 200 dishes by Argentine Master Chef Walter Zapata.

Zapata’s fusion of unique Latin and Japanese Sushi combination makes this little nook on Brickell’s Bay the local hot spot for Sushi lovers.

Walter Zapata began his restaurant venture with an Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires. In 2001 he moved to the United States where Walter was hired as a Chef in an authentic Japanese restaurant. Soon after mastering this technique Walter met his wife Erika Ramirez – who is also a Chef at OBBA – and who will become his business partner, Tufic Akil.


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Monday to Friday 11AM – 11PM Saturday and Sunday 12AM – 11PM


Fresh Ingredients

Products made with premium rice, seafood, proteins, and fresh produce for a nutritious meal choice.


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11AM -11PM


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